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VGEL Kulfi Stab (Stabilizer)

VGEL Kulfi Stab (Stabilizer)

VGEL Kulfi Stab (Stabilizer)
Labh Additives is the Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of VGEL Kulfi Stabilizer

VGEL Kulfi Stab (Stabilizer) is a white powder used for Kulfi making.

Kulfi Stab is a ready blend of stabilizer for making Kulfi. Kulfi Stabilizer which is a food grade products that acts as an emulsifier, coagulator, thickening agent, anti-stalling agent. It is used for the production of Edible Jellies, Glazing, Ice Coating, Piping Jellies, Salad Dressings, Ice Cream, Cake Cread, Confectionery and Dairy Products.

Kulfi Stabilizer will improve viscosity with lower dosages and in turn results in lesser milk consumption. Kulfi Stabilizer improves softness to Kulfi which in turn result in easy cutting of the Kulfi Roll.

Kulfi Stabilizer is a complete Stabilizer and improves Melting properties i.e. Slow Melting. It will be help in providing creaminess (mawa effect) to Kulfi.

Kulfi Stabilizer impart good Flavour Retention characteristics.

VGEL Kulfi Stabilizer< manufactured by Labh Additives have good features

• Improves consistency of mix during condensation
• Speedy condensation of mix, resulting in higher yield
• Improves softness to the product
• Prevent ice crystal formation
• Accurate Composition
• Free from Impurities