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VGEL L/4 (Stabilizer)

VGEL L/4 (Stabilizer) Proprietary Product

VGEL L/4 (Stabilizer)
Labh Additives is the manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of VGEL L/4 (Stabilizer)

VGEL L/4 (Stabilizer) is a whitish cream powder used in ice cream as a stabilizer and as a thickening agent in lassi flavoured milk etc.

 VGEL L/4 Stabilizers is used for lassi and buttermilk manufactured by Labh Additives aids in improving and preserving its viscosity, texture, thickness, mouthfeel, aftertaste, shelf life and also prevent sedimentation.

 VGEL L/4 Stabilizers are used on a large volume in dairy products, dressings, syrups and mayonnaise.

Salient features of VGEL L/4 (Stabilizer):

• It provides good consistency to the mix: • Good solubility
• Enhances flavour release
• Provide soft, smooth texture and appearance
• Enhance the shelf life of the product
• Improve creaminess